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 J'adore  Simulated  Emerald


J'Adore Simulated Emerald

Following in the footsteps of the timeless J'Adore Sapphire, the J'adore Simulated Emerald showcases a dream blend of luxury and affordability, without sacrificing quality or beauty.

Like natural Colombian and Brazilian Emeralds, our J'adore Simulated Emerald comes in a variety of shades and possesses those imperfections that makes our emerald unique. since there are no oils or polymeres, the color of the J'adore Simulated Emerald is able to withstand the test of time.

Stay for the ride and learn more about how we are raising the bar with our J'adore Emerald.

As with our Sapphires, you no longer need to pay sky high prices for increasingly rare natural emeralds.


J'adore Simulated Emerald is the new alternative to natural emeralds.

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Introducing the perfect blend using natural corundum, sapphire variety, to create the world of J'adore Sapphire.




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