Sapphire FAQ

Sapphire FAQ
1. What is Corundum?
Corundum is the parent mineral name that belongs to a couple of varieties, including rubies and sapphires. You can find yourself colorless corundum, which categorically, will remain as corundum. On the other hand, you can find yourself rubies and sapphires, which are labeled as such given their individual coloring and natural gases. Yet, they are still both composed of corundum. The key distinction is that all rubies and sapphires are corundum, but not all corundum are rubies and sapphires.
2. What is J'adore Corundum Sapphire?
The J'adore Corundum Sapphire brand and trademark pertains to a process in which clear and colorless natural corundum (not to be mistaken with natural sapphires), with its' origin at the mine, undergoes deep and extensive levels of lattice diffusion of beryllium and titanium. Lattice diffusion is a treatment process that uses heat and other chemicals to diffuse an element into a gemstone to change its color. Diffusing colorless corundum using these chemicals penetrates the stones around 2 millimeters deep, giving the stones rich and blue coloring.
3. How is the durability & stability of the J'adore Corundum Sapphire?
The J’adore Corundum Sapphire has proven its ability to sustain its color and quality under various conditions including cleaning, repair procedures, routine wear and more
4. Why is the J’adore Corundum Sapphire the best alternative?
Not only is the J'adore Corundum Sapphire the best alternative, it is the only alternative to a natural sapphire. Affordable, beautiful and with ties to nature, the search for an alternative ends here. Natural sapphires are becoming increasingly rare to find and are therefore increasingly more expensive. The days of buying a nice looking natural sapphire at retail level is slowly becoming something of the past, and we knew we had to do something about it. The J'adore Corundum Sapphire brand has been established on the principle of providing consumers the ability and affordability to buy one of the world's most sought after stone at a fraction of the price. We here are turning back the time and giving customers the chance to indulge in the J'adore Corundum Sapphire.
5. Is J'adore Sapphire affiliated with any organizations?
Yes! J'adore Sapphire is a proud member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), which prides itself on ethics, integrity and compliance. Members operate under the highest standards of business practice after pledging to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry and make accurate representations about the products they sell. To learn more about the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, please Click here
6. What is the difference between a Natural Sapphire, a J'adore Corundum Sapphire and a Synthetic Sapphire?
Synthetic Sapphire
J'adore Corundum Sapphire
Natural Sapphire

Natural Sapphire

  • Composed of natural corundum, with its' origin at nature's mine
  • May or may not undergo some level of heating to enhance its natural coloring

J’adore Corundum Sapphire

  • Composed of natural corundum, with its' origin at nature's mine
  • Clear, colorless, natural corundum undergoes lattice diffusion of beryllium and titanium to give the stone blue coloring up to about 2 millimeters deep

Synthetic Sapphire

  • Not made from natural corundum, made from synthetic corundum
  • Synthetic sapphires are 100% laboratory grown
  • Creation begins and ends at the lab, it does not begin at the mine
7. Are these stones treated in any matter?
Yes. These stones are induced by lattice diffusion of beryllium and titanium for color enhancement
8. Do you create custom made pieces?
Yes, we do!
9. How do I get in touch?
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