Emerald FAQ

Emerald FAQ
1. What is Beryl?
Beryl is the parent mineral name that belongs to emeralds. Beryl is in a mineral class of its own. Emeralds are compsed of green beryl. Emeralds emanate from countless mines that are home to unique shades of green. Colombian Emeralds, Zambian Emeralds, and Brazillian Emeralds are three of the most prestigious emeralds in existence.
2. What is J'adore Simulated Emerald?
The J'adore Simulated Emerald contains natural Emerald crystals (not to be mistaken with natural Emeralds). It keeps its durability in every condition because its not treated with oil.
3. How is the durability & stability of the J'adore Simulated Emerald?
The J’adore Simulated Emeralds has proven its ability to sustain its color and quality under various conditions including cleaning, repair procedures, routine wear and more.
4. Why is the J’adore Simulated Emerald the best alternative?
The J'adore simulated Emerald is the best and only alternative to a natural emerald. It comes at a reasonable price without having to sacrifice quality. Just like natural sapphires, natural emeralds are low in supply, thereby coming at a steep cost. The J'adore Simulated Emerald brand prides itself on the principle of providing consumers the ability and affordability to buy one of the world's most sought after stones at a fraction of the price. It's our pleasure to give our customers the chance to indulge in the J'adore simulated Emeralds.
5. Is J'adore Simulated Emerald affiliated with any organizations?
Yes! J'adore Simulated Emerald is a proud member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), which prides itself on ethics, integrity and compliance. Members operate under the highest standards of business practice after pledging to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry and make accurate representations about the products they sell.

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6. What is the difference between a Natural Emerald, and J'adore Simulated Emerald and a Synthetic Emerald?
Synthetic Emerald
J'adore Corundum Emerald
Natural Emerald

Natural Emerald

  • Composed of natural Beryl, with its' origin at nature's mine
  • May or may not undergo some level of treatment to enhance its natural coloring.

J’adore Simulated Emerald

  • Composed of natural Beryl, with its' origin at nature's mine
  • Undergoes crystallization with a process to keep its durability and color to match the natural Emerald.

Synthetic Emerald

  • Not made from natural Beryl, made from synthetic Beryl
  • Synthetic emeralds are 100% laboratory grown
  • Creation begins and ends at the lab, it does not begin at the mine
7. Do you create custom made pieces?
Yes, we do!
8. How do I get in touch?
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